Try our Android SDK
Get fantastic search up and running in as few as 5 lines of code! With the SRCH2 Android SDK, you can seamlessly integrate our advanced search into any existing Android application. Available now as a free beta. Try it out and see how easy it is to integrate for yourself. Money back guarantee… ;-)
Built from scratch in C++, SRCH2 offers high performance in a light footprint. It’s powerful enough for the data center, and efficient enough to run nicely in an Android app. 


Ever wonder why search on your phone isn’t as great as search on your desktop?


At SRCH2, we rebuilt search from the ground up, with mobile in mind.


SRCH2 offers lightweight, compressed, full text search software with geo-data, error-tolerance, and built-in search-as-you-type. It’s fast and friendly.


Now, we’re raising the bar, again. Introducing SRCH2 for mobile, a fully functional search engine that runs on a mobile device.

Truly instant

What’s good about that? Deployed on a thin client, SRCH2 is truly instant. Not slowed by network latency, or intermittency.


The uses are endless, and we’re JUST.GETTING.STARTED.