SRCH2 is a search engine written in C++ ground up. By utilizing advanced indexing structures and algorithms, it delivers superior features with high performance. It runs on both servers as well as mobile devices.

The following figure illustrates how to use the engine in an application. We provide a configuration file that specifies parameters for the engine, such as socket a port number, a data source (a JSON file, MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle, or MongoDB) and ranking-related values.

SRCH2 provides a RESTful API, using which a client can insert/delete/update records, submit search queries, and send control messages such as getting status information, saving indexes to the disk, and shutting down the engine gracefully. The engine returns the results in the JSON format.


What's new in SRCH2 4.4.4




The SRCH2 engine runs on 64-bit Linux (with a kernel version >= 2.6.32), Mac OS (10.5 and above, Intel x86), and Android devices (ARM architecture). The engine supports all Unicode characters encoded using UTF-8.

The rest of the documentation illustrates how to set up a simple SRCH2 instance. We'll take you through the basic steps required to download SRCH2, index data, configure search features, and run the search server. Enjoy!