Search on Mobile Devices Using SRCH2

Did you ever get frustrated by not finding information on your local devices? How about those scenarios without network signals, either on an airplane or a remote area? Not happy with the network latency and traffic? Then SRCH2 is a solution for you!

SRCH2 was designed to deliver fantastic search for mobile devices, even within the device! Designed with unique indexing techniques, SRCH2 offers search that addresses significant pain points in mobile. True instant search is very rare in mobile.

Want to add value? Try real indexed search, delivered within the tight constraints of a mobile device. For “instant” to even work, it has to work within 100 milliseconds. This includes the network, handset, and site script speeds. How can developers deliver within 100 ms, when half of that is allocated elsewhere? When you deploy SRCH2 and see search speeds in the single-digits of milliseconds, you will understand.

Here’s a typical mobile issue: the “fat-finger” problem, resulting in typos with every third word entered. SRCH2 is algorithmically structured to enable elegant traversal across a trie of a forward index, to “tolerate” typos. The best part? Developers can configure this feature by edit distance to determine just how many typos to tolerate!

The engine, written in C++, has significant advantages over Java-based solutions based on mobile devices, since native code is much more efficient than code running on JVMs.

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