The SRCH2 engine takes a configuration file with information about data sources, and provides a RESTful API for applications to access the data, including search, insert, delete, update, and other operations.


  • Full-text search
  • Instant search (prefix predicates)
  • Error correction (fuzzy search)
  • Boolean expressions
  • Faceted search
  • Stemming and stop words
  • Phrase search (e.g., “new york”)
  • Rich data types (e.g., text, int, float, and date)
  • Attribute-based search predicates
  • Sorting (e.g., “price < 20”)
  • Geo search
  • Server-side highlighting
  • Query logging
  • Configurable ranking (including prefix and fuzzy predicates)
  • Real-time updates
  • Multi-threaded
  • Access Control Lists
  • Multi languages
  • Multi data sources
  • RESTful API
  • Support of control messages (e.g., system status and index serialization)
  • Port-level network security
  • Key-based authorization
  • Platforms: Linux, MacOS, Android
  • Connectors for MySQL, Sqlite, Oracle, SQL Server, and MongoD
  • Intelligent ranking learning based on user feedback.